Saturday, February 7, 2009

The challenge

This is my entry to the mind-wideopen challenge. I wasn't going to do it at first, but then I thought of this. If you get a chance come see what others have done. The voting starts tomorrow. Maybe you will like what I did and vote for me...hint! hint!
This was the picture we were given to use and the word we had to work with was Dream.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Night light

I bought 3 night light lamps a dollar each at the 100 store a few days ago. While taking a mini brake, this is what I did today. I stripped the ugly green cover off. So it was down to the under cover. Then I covered it first with off white almost see through fabric. Then I got out my box that has old laces . Decided pearls would be fun and here is the finished night light. Just for fun. It really looks better in person...but I find that to be true of most things I take a picture of... I am working on Valentines too, we will see how far I get. Hope your having a great week. I went to lunch with the girls today....we went to the Olive Garden, ate to much and had so much fun. I am blessed.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

If you are reading Ruth

you will need to scroll down to page #1....I hope you will enjoy her story. I have some add pages too.
I am taking a break from Ruth for a little time of catch up, I have some other things I want to share as soon as they are done. Hope you are enjoying Ruth
I have always had a hard time with spelling...this is something that drives me nuts. When I am in a hurry or excited about what I am doing, I am known to mess up. Spell check is a big help but not always. So please excuse my lack of spelling ability. Spell check!!!!!


page# 9 Sunday is best day. Everyone dressed in their nicest clothes. And their good manners. I worry sometimes, I often sin. I hope God hears my prayers. Pastor Michael is very popular with the ladies. They bake pies and cakes just for him. Before I forget, don't eat anything Mrs. Gibbard makes. She has lost two husbands to food poisoning. I think Pastor Michael will be married soon, the girls that are of the right age really like him. Clara hopes he will wait for her to grow up...Clara my dearest friend, he will be old then. Church picnic's are so much fun. We play games, get a little dirty sometimes, and Clara and I like to people watch. Father says it is a sin to play this game, Mother does it all the time and everyone including God loves Mother. Everybody says so.
I love the ice cream, have you ever had a cold hurts! Pastor Michael just loves prayer circles, he gathers us all together for group hugs all the time. Did you know that Charley Barns has hot sweaty hands, he smells too. Mother says he probably eats to much meat. Mother has a thing about meat, eat you vegetables is her favorite thing to say at meal time. Sometimes I have to leave the park and go home with Nurse Nancy, I never know when a bad spell will come on. Sometimes it can be truly awful being me. When God made me, did he leave something important out. Don't let Mother hear me even thinking this. Sunday is best day and I am so glad. Clare and I write note in is probably not a good thing, but I really don't understand much of what Pastor Michael says. But I do know that everyone tells him how good it was at the door as we leave.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Family...Ruth becoming Lonely

Page #8 click on page to enlarge
I don't wish them any harm of course, but it would be okay if they didn't visit to often, mostly never.
my other cousins are really nice and we have good times together. Aunt Margaret has neglected to teach that some things are very " rude."

Although everyone lives in different towns and even states...they get together for special times. More family picture to paste in the picture book/Journal. Della Mae makes me paste from flour and water. Sometimes I get to use the store bought paste.
When Ruth decided to share her life in the tablet she had allot of help from the picture box and Nurse Nancy. I think Ruth felt the need to be known, to have a life force that was real. She started to believe that she was fading away, out of site, out of mind. Father always said, 'Children can be see, but not heard. Ruth was smart and that made her isolation much harder. Her mind was clear and her abandonment was real to her as time went by. Ruth was lonely.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

If you are reading about Ruth

You will need to scroll down to page #1....This is like a chapter book/Journal.


Della Mae, Martha, Cordelia, Dr.Brown, Dr. Harper,Sydney and Nancy

These are the people in Ruth's life that she often called her friends. Her days were filled with their presents. Della Mae loved her, but often would scoot her out of the kitchen. Martha was fun, almost like having another child in the house, but she worked hard. Martha knew everything that went on in the Carpenter house and often shared things she shouldn't. Cordelia is beautiful and keeps to herself, but Martha thinks she secretly cares for Sydney. She says they talk in the back yard sometimes and she thinks he took her hand one morning...of course she wasn't sure of what she saw. Dr Brown calls me little miss. Father thinks we need to give him a room in the house since he is here so often. Dr. Brown has a small buggy pulled by Gobber his old horse. Gobber can be lazy, you can sometimes hear him yelling at Gobber as he goes down the Avenue. Dr Harper was so kind she put him on her list of friends. Sydney is Fathers right hand man and a hard worker. He loves to play games when he is not busy. He has the biggest bag of Marbles I have ever seen and beats me every time. Sydney says I am the little princess of the Painted Lady. And then there is Nurse Nancy, she is my teacher, my friends and she cares for my every need. Aren't Friends wonderful, they like you even when you are naughty....
Page #6