Wednesday, July 28, 2010

our New Little Granddaughter

This is our Kristie with our new Granddaughter Halle Dawn. Our cup runnith over with love for this new little love. She has two sisters and two brothers that are ready for her to come home. I spent the day with them as they waited for the news. It was so special to be with the kids when they got the news that Halle was born. Mother and baby are wonderful, but I had tears all the way home...a new life, another place in my heart just for her. Kristie is a very special Mom and my son Cory is a wonderful father and man.
Halle, peaches and cream!

This is a unfinished project, but I thought you would like to see them. When completed they will be pin cushion to sell at bazaar in October. They are all done by hand.