Friday, September 19, 2008

Vintage tags

Every year I make tags for our church Bazaar. This is for funding kids camps and other activities that will help others in our town. I am a little ahead of the game for making of tags...we have the Bazaar at the end of October. Almost all of our ladies do something for this event. Some bake, others depends on what their talents are. I will share some of the things I am busy making when they are finished. I took old paper and found a vintage picture of the ladies in hats. Then made the ladies transparent and painted a little color on the them. Added the font and then glued little flowers where I would use a hole punch in the middle of each flower and then add ribbon for tying. Bazaar time finds us all knee deep in getting ready, craft nights and noddle making for the traditional chicken soup. Busy, Busy! So I am the tag maker and craft er. I stay away from the cooking....these ladies know what to do through passing down of generations.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The winner

Congratulations to Jan Ely

Thank You

For those of you that voted for my Sara's Dance....I didn't when the price. But to each one of you, I won when you voted for me. Hope you are having a great Monday.
Hugs, Mary