Friday, August 17, 2012

You are probably getting tired of seeing this room…


The dumpster is gone now…I think will filled it 4 times????


The carpet is gone…I can hardly wait for the new to come in…first things first. Clay is coming to do the electrical and hang the new lights this evening…everything old is new again.


This is our new flat screen….we will have it where we can watch it from the bed or from what will be a small setting area. Now to find some really fun stuff. I am not buying new…it will be more fun to find something old and make it work. But our king bed is brand new…….


As you can see, we are still going through things, and soon the things we are keeping will be stored in the barn until we are ready.


What is hard….I have crafting things, keepsakes, and the list goes on. Like I shared with Janet, I am becoming the queen of large plastic containers. Wal *mart loves me:)


As you can see we have a lot of clean up to do, but for now we are living in a dust bowl. Finley is so dirty and he just went to the groomer…….Living with a remodel is very hard…but very rewarding.

It is hot here in Ole Idaho…no rain all summer. We continue to be the catch area for some really large firers……lots of smoke.

Not doing any crafts right now, just working on the Loft…I just love saying Loft….

Yes, I am a goober!!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

This is what we like to do in Ole Idaho…..Payette River.

My daughter Jenny….she might be a little excited!!! Behind her is Max and Clay. Sister and brother in law.431508_350916988320640_1351870353_n 417440_350917611653911_209147123_n My daughter Jenny and her brother-in-law Clay. “"She pushed me in!!!”    In the raft…Jenny in the dark glasses. Clay on the last right with the paddle. Max in front of Clay with a paddle. Doug in front of Max with a paddle. The river is a bit low at this time of year. 376671_4471066184717_677586158_n229164_350916431654029_189879399_n

Jenny and her honey Doug. Happy Birthday Doug!!!

We do not want summer to end!!!!