Wednesday, January 1, 2014

looking back at 2013

knit 022 Flowers 026

started my kintting class…..  

Made lighted flowers for our staircase.Finn 026

Loving our little Finn……..hAPPY BIRTHDAY cj AND aLEXIS 2013 061 hAPPY BIRTHDAY cj AND aLEXIS 2013 091

Alexis is now 11 years old…Avery having fun!!!


CJ Birthday brings him to moving into his own apartment. Growing up so fast.hAPPY BIRTHDAY cj AND aLEXIS 2013 187

Walter our wonderful tree is cut down:(

garden 013 A good year in my flower garden…love the Larkspur.knitting 004

Lots of knitting……

Headbands 002

Lots of headbands….Halle's Birthday 007

Halle is now three year old!!!

Halle's Birthday 006

Halle is so sweet…Bella #2 018

Bella my little Peach is 2 years old….Anniversary 59th 010

50 years married to my best friend Arney…..

California Dreamin! 006 

Finn loves our big new bed…..

California Dreamin! 003The Nell’s on Vacation….California Dreaming.

Bella came to visit 013 flowers on a cold day 002

Our Bella came to visit!!!!!

Treyton and Halle 001

Halle and Treyton…love this!!

Randy and Carol Nell 001

Getting well:)

chair 004

They brought beauty into our home….

nails 017

Bella is our little Lady Bug!!!

nails 001 

Finn says Hi!!!

nails 067


let it snow 021

A little fun for Christmas….

let it snow 035

Let it snow…and it did!!!


Missing Cloudy Girl,,,

These are just a few of my days of the year….I have more…Happy New Year:)