Thursday, April 15, 2010

Notes For My Granddaughter

The gifts I bought for my Granddaughter have a theme. It is Fancy Nancy. So here are the love notes I did for her. Then I made little envelopes to put each note in. The envelopes are 3 by 2 inches, they are fun to make. I even put pretend stamps on the envelopes. Sunday evening is her party. She is a really fun and sweet girl, she could talk the ears off a Elephant, and I love her energy, she is a keeper!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Journal for Alexis

Alexis will be 8 in a few days. I think she will like this as part of her gift. I really liked the way the writing pages were done, I think she can draw a picture on the top part and then write something in the lines...I also put a see through pocket for little things she might like to save on the inside of the back page. I am going to put little notes to her there...just little love notes to my Granddaughter, I think she will like that.

This is my first project since being ill....But I have not been idle...I have spent hours researching my family Tree. It takes allot of time, but I think it is really worth while for my kids and myself. I have already found family that were really lost to me. Arney got us started. I have dreamed about this the last couple of nights, putting people in the right order and looking for photos and stories can really take your life over. Today I took all that I have learned and put into binders so that it will be less complicated to go back to each person. I am finding some really good stuff, the stores are the best, this is a fun adventure.
I have started another blog that I have named Our House. You will find the link at the top of the page on the left. It is random things, no order to it...just things I want to share with my family and friends. It is still raining and not as warm as we wish it could be, but I have been in the flower garden cleaning and getting every plant happier. Arney has been trimming trees and hauling stuff off to the local dump.
I plan to go to each of your blogs and see all that you have done while I have been under the control of my ancestors. Love, Mary