Saturday, June 11, 2011

On my way to the post office



My first outing in along while was to send my granddaughters a little note. Along the way I saw the yard sale sign and my car stops for yard sale signs. I found this lamp and had to have it, the pictures do not really show it off well. I am going to do something fun with the shade when the mood hits me.  Happy hunting, it is that time of year. If it would just stop raining almost everyday.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Did any of you ever ride in or own a 1955 Chevy?

g_helen-4 scan0002

Arney and I owned 2 of them. The one in this picture was really “Cherry!” It was our show off car. Friday night in Bellflower, California we would cruse the Blvd and then go to Helen  Grace for the best ice cream ever. We would meet with friends and get brain freeze from the wonderful creams. The booths were pink, and the whole place was in pink, black and turquoise. It never came out of the 50’s.

Then there was Tweedy blvd in Hollywood, this was where everyone went, you saw the most beautiful cars there almost nightly. And our Chevy was a stand out.

This was a time for fun, no one wanted to shoot you, it was the 60’s and before things went crazy.