Saturday, June 23, 2012

A fun find…that will be used for art supplies.


DSCN2405 DSCN2406 I don’t know if this is a fishing box or a tool box. I have been looking for a good one for awhile now. So yesterday I went to a few yard sales and there it was with my name on it TEE-HEE. Because I do not have a craft room, I have things stuck here and there. When I want to do a project, it is always a treasure hunt for what I need.

I want a few things in the box, you know the things you use the most.

There are a lot of plastic containers that I could and do use. But this will be better I think for me. We will see. I got some other things too that I will share later. Right now I am getting things ready for Arney to come home from California.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yard sale finds:)


I got about 21 pieces of china for 10.00….no chips. I don’t have a cabinet for them, so they will probably become gifts.

DSCN2403 I am always looking for old and new beads…most of these are glass. I think for all it was about 1.50.


I am always on the look out for something lace…these are old but not antique. One day I will find the magic lacy that I am searching for, but until then, this is good.

It is summer!!! And it was 96 here today. The AC is on and I just took a cool bath.

Happy Summer:)


Monday, June 18, 2012

Dana, I continue to add pictures that you may want to use…

Dolan, Kayla & Annabelle 1012 001

Dolan, Kayla & Annabelle SanteroMandy 001

Mandy100_2820 (2)

Uncle Arney and Cory100_2820

Uncle Arney


Grandma Evans on her 90th Birthday


Kristie and CJ Evans

163487_1624635013426_1163030371_31308735_4922987_n Treyton Evans

222092_118024264942955_100002061472413_146091_6405681_n Cory Evans


Jenny Evans Nell


Kayla, Annabelle and our new Grandpa Evans (Trevor)


Summit Nell…a picture that I love!!!


Doug, Summit and Jenny Evans Nell


Kayla Evans Santero and Annabelle


Cory Evans


CJ, Kristie and Treyton Evans


CJ Evans


Doug & Jenny Evans Nell



Alexis, CJ and his friend….

Bella #7

Annabelle  Santero

Trevor (grandpa) and Annabella

Trevor Evans and Annabelle


Great Grandma Mary and baby Annabelle


Jenny Evans Nell and son Summit

Terri (grandma) and Annabella

Grandma Terri and Annabelle

Willie L Neely 1890-1963

Grandpa Neely

Jessie Maud Hall Neely 1893-1982

Grandma Neely


Avery Evans


Halle Evans


Avery, Halle and Alexis


Alexis Evans and Treyton

386028_221877634557617_100002061472413_467856_716311168_nCory Evans

DSCN0845[2]Uncle Arney Evans and Jenny Evans Nell

I hope you can use some of these….Love, Auntie

Grandma Evans passed June 14, 2012, we will miss her forever. She is 93 years old.

Dad & Mom at Joe & Judy's 001 All the Evans Kids 001 Dan Mom and Mike 001 Grandma Evans #1 001 Grandma Evans and Cory 1969 001 Grandma Evans#2 001 Mom and Arney at Christma 001

Mom and her children 001 Dana's wedding Mom Evans Thanksgiving 1969 001

Mom's retirement 001

Trevor's Graduation 001

Dana here are some pictures of Grandma…Love, Auntie

Click on each picture to make them larger and save.