Sunday, October 3, 2010

Looking back

DSCN0845 August 15th  at Janos'  for our anniversary 47 years…Arney and Jenny my daughter…love this picture!!!Kayla and Dolan Kayla (my granddaughter) and Dolan in their new apartment in Washington state. 100_4513 Summit  in  All Stars…a fun summer.41084_1593807773534_1486129214_1562496_5327891_nHalle Dawn, another  life to love.waitingtogoashore1911Still searching family history…100_4482   Arney’s  garden…

DSCN0853Avery, Summit holding Halle and Alexis.  A special moment.DSCN0856 First pickings from  Arney’ gardenDSCN0857 My son Trevor with his new Son-in-Law Dolan…homecoming party.

Staying busy with crafts….

It rained this morning…not ready!!!