Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas Stockings

I bought 13 of these stockings. They are 3 feet long. I love to decorate them for the grandkids for Christmas. So the next time you see them they will have names on them with lots of fun embellishments. I was so happy to find these at the dollar store...Yep, I am going to be busy. Gerri if you have come to visit...hello..lunch was fun. It always is. Mary

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pillow top and curtains done

I had to lower the curtains. I have room for pictures above them now. Some touch up painting and I will hang some of the pictures that have been waiting to be seen.

The pillow top and curtains are done. I made curtains that can be tied back or left straight. Arney is going to finish the sanding and paint on his day off. I was going to do the painting but he said that he would like to do it. He knows I drip to much. It is cold and windy today, I have a fire going in the wood burner. Our tree's are almost empty of leaves because of all the days we have had with wind. A good day for doing things around the house. I will take more pictures after the seats are painted. Happy Monday!