Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lavender Fun!

I got up bright and early to cut Lavender this morning. And right in the middle of my fun it started to rain. And now the sun is shinning, and it will be about 80 today. This is for a very dear friend that I have known sense 1982. She is a lovely lady that is so talented. She teaches, and plays piano, and is a crafting artist. So I made her this arrangement this morning and put it on her porch. A little Thank You for always understanding me. And the gift of her never ending friendship. Don't ya just love to do the unexpected..... I wish you could smell these.
For Clarion :)

I have been buying Arney big can's of Peaches. He seems to be craving them. So I have been saving the can's without really having a reason. So I came up with this idea and I really thought it turned out fun. The ribbon is like a linen, but more rustic. I used letter stamps to put the word Lavender on the ribbon. It is fun to do something different now and then.
I am still cutting Lavender, it will take awhile, and I will let them dry in these very large cans.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Babies are born...a really good cobbler

Thought with all the fruit right now, I wanted to share this really good cobbler. This can be made with just about any fruit. I am making it tonight with peaches. You can use fresh fruit or canned, frozen too. There are so many ways to make a cobbler, but this was my favorite. I have been making it for many years.
At the back of our farm is a very old tree that we love...It is more than a hundred years old. About 5 years ago we saw our first Hawk go into this tree and soon there was a nest about 75 ft up on a very large branch. Soon there was babies, we could hear them calling for food. Mom and Dad were really busy bring in the food.
Arney went out this morning and here is the new little family.
Some people are not real fond of Hawks, they come back every year. They never bother anything and they catch the field mice, and that is a very good thing. I thought these were really pretty good pictures considering how far up they were. You can see how big the nest is....And our blue Idaho sky.