Sunday, May 29, 2011

I’m on Vacation-by Sunny

DSCN1273 My name is Sunny, I am the beloved pet of the Nell family. This is my Vacation…..I was dropped off by my family Thursday morning. I was ready for a road trip, then we stopped at Pa and Ma’s. I did my normal marking of the backyard. LB told me not to pee on the tulips or the lavender. Next the gate opened and out went my family and drove away. They will be right back! they will be right back!

Pa & Ma played with me and held me, scratched all my favorite spots. I went in and out of the house with LB. Even LB said’”your family will be right back and don’t pee on anything else for Pete’s sake!

I danced for Pa a lot and he gave me Mac and Cheese. He is a sucker for my two legged dance. I did eat my dinner, but nothing is the same as when I am with my family.

It’s dark now and Pa went upstairs and I stayed on the sofa with Ma. I can’t go to sleep, what if the gate opened and my family came to get me, I might miss it!!!!

Ma let me out for awhile and I sat at the gate, they will be right back! Then I pee on the Lavender!!!!!!

It’s morning now and LB smelled the Lavender and said,”you are in big trouble mister!!!!

The day went well, LB played tug of war with me, And soon I had pee on almost everything. Now the yard smells better.

LB is a butt smeller, so now I call him BS. BS is a Beagle and hasn’t had a spa day, I love my spa day and I do smell really good. I like sleeping on the chase, and I keep my toy there to. BS is shy, he doesn’t know any games to play. I am giving him some pointers.

I am not sure about Vacations, I am having fun, they do love me here, and Pa gives me treats:)  BS is my friend even though he stinks.