Monday, December 31, 2012

just a few hours till….2013


This has been a year of many ups and downs. Along with some really special times, there was some hard days too. We lost Arney’s Mom this year at the grand age of 93 years. A very low point in this year.Arney had the auto accident that could have killed him. He is a very strong man.

Listens to Learn…love dose not mean that you don’t have to say you are sorry. Sometimes it is the strongest word you could ever say.

Saying good-bye to an old friend, love lost, love found and lost again. You really never know someone until you have made them mad.

Words I need to grow by, get out more, do more, be more, see more, say more, love more, create more, enjoy more.

And spend as much time in the beautiful new loft Arney built for me with love.

Take more time doing the things that make me smile…you all make me smile

   Happy New year!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Count down to 2013…can you believe it is almost here???


No crafts to share…

Thoughts of family running round in my head. The magic of Christmas still hangs in the air.

The gifts have been opened, the food has been ate…the tree is back in his box.But I have loads of great memories that will stay forever.

Today is real special, with my guy home to play in the snow on this winters day.

The count down to 2013 is on our minds, what the future may bring is well out of sight.

Have a wonderful new year…Mary

Friday, December 21, 2012

Five days till Christmas

And all through the house, the presents are wrapped and under the tree. waiting to be given with glee.

No snow on the ground, but there still is some time….white or just bright we all gather round.

No cookies made yet, but Sunday will find me knee deep in baking, cookies and foodies for our Christmas eve delights.

L B and Finn, our sweet little fur friends are a little confused by the fussing about.

The head of the house, the man in my life will find nine days of well deserved rest on the vacation he gleaned.

A eve party is being planned, The Evans and Nell’s will play games, it will be swell. The food will be special, made by loving hearts and hands, gifts will be given, it’s a part of the plan.

The kids will delight in all the family love, and God will be watching from way up above…light hearts much laughter, glad tidings to all, Merry Christmas to all, to all near and far. Rejoice in the season, lets all have a ball.             MEDSCN2861

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Just a little TLC


A little illness to bring in the holidays. Bronchitis is not my idea of Christmas Cheer!

Stay well if you can…..

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The gifts are wrapped, and the tree is decorated….


Alexis, Avery and Halle are on my computer screen…..makes me smile.


Our tree is decorated….I am small, but no less filled with the love of Christmas.DSCN2849

We have had snow. But it is still to warm to stay on the ground very long.

I am off to do some shopping with my daughter Jenny….

Have a wonderful day!!!

Oh yes, Finley goes to the groomer today…


LB will not be happy that he is gone for the day….

Sunday, December 9, 2012

To all my creative friends :)



My daughter Jenny gave me this old window months ago. It will go upstairs in the new bedroom/loft. But I am not sure what I want to do, should it be for pictures. chalk board in each pain….I need your input. It will go on a very short wall space…I am thinking next to my desk.I really have no other ideas…HELP!

If you look at my last post. I have to hang it near the floor. I have no tall wall space.

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Headboard :)

DSCN2831 Our son-in-law Doug gave us the pickets. Arney built the headboard.I painted it.Doug and Jenny came to help get it upstairs.




Finley getting his much needed rest.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Time and energy…..



DSCN2822 DSCN2825

The carpet is Coco Brown. The headboard is not built yet…so there were pillows on the floor this morning. But the bed is heaven. The wooden blinds are not all hung yet, but they will be so nice.

Thank you so much for this wonderful retreat


Now comes the fun, getting all the little things around us that make it ours. Pictures to hang, things that always make a house a home.

Thank you for taking this journey with me.


Friday, November 30, 2012

It’s starting to look a lot like……Christmas



I have been making Christmas cards. It has put me in the mood for the holiday. It is hard to do crafts when your house is already a mess. But today the carpet goes in upstairs and I can get my house in order again. We are excited for many reason, # 1 is getting off the sofa. This has been a long project.

But thank goodness we could do it. I have given away, thrown away, so much stuff. I think we have made our trash man very happy.

I was thinking this morning about the people who are cleaning up after “Sandy”. How they must long for a time when they can get their lives in order.

I plan to start decorating Saturday evening.

I wish you love in the holidays…

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Getting it done…glass handles

vintage knows_edited-2

We are getting to the end of the remodel…

I knew we were almost done when my vintage glass handles went in…

In the mid 70’s we were in the business of buying and selling collectables and Antiques.I had stashed these glass handles and other glass knobs because I just loved them.So when we bought our cottage farmhouse I used the knobs in the kitchen. But never found a place for the handles. So now they have found a new home out of the box and onto the closet door and on the two cubby doors. I am so excited to use them.

Our Thanksgiving was very nice….I was a good girl and did not eat the sweets.

Now on to Christmas….Happy everyday:)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Just a couple of old turkey’s


Off we go to my daughters house for Thanksgiving dinner.

We will pass by many farms on the back roads. People gathering together on this special day.

I just love my new bonnet!!!

Jenny will make the best stuffing, Doug will tend the bird, Summit will keep asking is it time yet. And we are bringing the ham….:)

Everything will be so pretty, and we will eat our fill. I will try to stay away from the sweet’s but I will fail…

At the end of the day we will say our good bye’s  and head for home wondering why I ate that last piece of pie?

My heart will be full too because it is a day to celebrate all that is good and real in our life…Family, good friends.

We will drive home through the country side and be grateful that we have a home to go to.

May you be blessed to be a blessing on this

Thanksgiving Day…


Monday, November 19, 2012

I just know you will be so glad!!!


Do you get the feeling that this man just works all the time? You would be right!

He comes home to eat, sleep build and paint. Yes we are so ready to be done.

He is my hero!

Always something to do here at "The Back of the Moon”

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Good Morning Mr. Sunshine :)

 DSCN2770                              As the clouds move in with a possibility of rain, we have sunshine in the new loft.

DSCN2769 Arney is putting on the sunshine.


In all our time together, and the homes we have lived in this is our first time to use yellow.

I hope there is some sunshine in your day!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Something old is new again :)


For along time there was three stackable boxes that I used in the back of the closet to store stuff in. They are covered with fabric, and really in bad shape. I think I paid a dollar for all three at a yard sale.

In our new room I thought it would be fun to leave the fabric on the boxes and paint them white. Then find a few images that I liked and collage them on the newly painted boxes.

DSCN2750 DSCN2752 DSCN2764 DSCN2766

On this theme we continue the work on the loft. Something old is becoming new again.DSCN2730

New trim on all the windows.DSCN2735

Also the closet trim….



Storage doors on both sides of the room.

We are cold and it looks like it could snow at any moment. DSCN2762

Baseboards are done… now on to the painting and new hardware on doors. Then the carpet.

DSCN2740 I decided on a coco brown…it will be warm and easy care.

So we are coming down to the end of the remodel…but as you can see, we still have more to do.

I hope you are all getting excited about Thanksgiving. Love, Mary

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wind and Falling Leaves

While working on the loft today, the leaves were falling from our trees like snow.Twirling and dancing as they fell to the ground.

Very soon our trees will be bare and I will be wishing for snow because all the color will be gone.

I am looking forward to having my new desk upstairs where I get a real view of the change in the weather.

The new header is about all the blogging friends, marching through the fall leaves.

Happy Fall to you all.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Honest, it’s not like going to be shot….just vote, you will feel good:)



Remember the ladies that worked so hard so we can stand up and be counted. Our future depends(not the pee pants) on it!!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Annabelle (Bella)

When Bella was born it was a new era for me, I became a Great Grandma…Our plan is to go to Washington State and have Christmas with Bella and her Mom and Dad in their new home.

This is our little Peach of a girl now:)

Kayla looks so lovely too!

Bella_01 copy

Bella_03 copy I love the leggings…remember when they were on almost everyone.


16 months and counting…

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween with the Nell’s

Yesterday was really nice. My daughter Jenny and I spent the day together. First we went to Joann’s for fabric for her antique dinning chair seats that they bought recently. So we bought fabric, so many choices, Oh MY! Went to lunch at Smash Burger..yes, I went off my diet for a day, it was so good.:(smashisbetter My first fried pickles…Yummmmm!

Then we came back to Jenny’s and while she was carving Pumpkins, I covered the seats of the 4 chairs.DSCN2722 DSCN2719

Went to pick up Finley from the groomers.DSCN2723

Watched Summit and friends getting ready for the night of candy searching in the neighborhood.DSCN2725  DSCN2726

Then Doug took me to see all the pickets he has, and I pick out what I wanted for my soon to be headboard, and he will deliver them to me. I can hardly wait.

Then I came home! It was a very good day.

Then later watched a scary movie… 


Magic Wand information

Lynn from Getting my Feet Wet has some questions about my new toy.So I scanned the box with the wand to answer some questions.

I am still learning. My daughter and I went shopping yesterday, so a couple of the pictures are from her and I playing around. But first here is some information about the Wand…..


PTDC0032  Click on pictures to enlarge….


We went to the fabric store and I scanned a pattern that I am thinking about getting.


I did it fast so it’s not perfect, but you get the idea.


Showing my Grandson how it works.

I am on a learning curve, I will get better at it as time goes by.

I bought this on the”Home Shopping Network. It was under a hundred dollars. I never by off TV. I was channel surfing when I stopped to see what they were doing, and it was something I had never heard of and I found myself on the phone. I hope this answers your questions.

Happy Fall, Mary