Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!



Winter has come to our town. The high today was 12 and it will be between 1 or 3 this night. i burned wood today and a little last night. The fire is truly delightful. I baked all day for tomorrows gathering with our family. I was watching the  6 o’clock news and there are so many people out in the cold. My first thought is that we should open our door and let some of the people in…but then fear came to me, what if they were so desperate that they would hurt us…I remember my Grandmama feeding strangers when I was a little girl. She wasn’t afraid. There are families sleeping out in the cold because they are afraid of the people in the shelters. I know that I will go to bed tonight thinking that I am not brave…and when did I become this way?

I want to take this time to thank you all for coming to my blog. You do not come to my home, but I look for your visit. I have not given you a hug, but in my heart I have. You give more than I could ever express. I never take you for granted, I would miss each and everyone of you if we didn’t meet here in Blog land.

          Hugs, Mary