Monday, October 10, 2011

Art comes in many forms…….



I was so happy when I found these pictures. My daughter Jenny with the help of her husband Doug made this sweet collage of children’s hands. Each child had a clay tile and they pressed there little hands into the clay and then painted their own hand. Then Jenny had them fired, and put them all together with grout. Framed and then it was auctioned  at Summit’s school. It made almost a thousand dollars. Summit is pointing to his little hand…They were moving into their new home, still boxes to unload.

I had a older camera, I did not know it had pictures in it. U

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cold outside!!!


DSCN1620 DSCN1621

I wish these were clearer.

It was 39 degrees and they were cuddling on the sofa. Fall is here, and although it is sunny out, it is not very warm. Both my little boys are so sweet and together they are amazing to be with.

They had company yesterday, my friend Brenda brought over  her little “Buddy”and the gang had a great time. From time to time I just must share Finn growing up.

Have a great Sunday…Mary