Friday, August 2, 2013

Before and After

A few years ago

these two chairs were bought for 35.00 at a yard sale. I had thought of redoing them myself, but was not sure that I could really do them. Then I thought of slipcovers and could not fined a fit because these chairs are very old.

Arney and I decided this would be our Anniversary present to each other.So we had them done and I love em. Here is the before and after.Bella #2 001

chair 004 chair 005

Our 50th anniversary is the 15th….yes, we got married just after we were born:)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Miss Halle has her day!

Halle's Birthday 006 Halle's Birthday 020

Halle's Birthday 025 Halle's Birthday 031 Halle's Birthday 058 Halle's Birthday 059

It is so much fun to be #3 years old!!!! Grandma Loves Halle!