Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

As you all know, it is hard to catch up after being ill, I am doing just fine, but can't seem to find a starting place. Cleaning, washing, you know the stuff we would rather not do is so behind. I just need a little time to get some things done...and to go see all your wonderful blogs, Like the rabbit, I'm Late!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here comes the Clown to wish you a very Happy April.

I hope you will have a very nice Easter. I will fix Arney and I a dinner. He works all day Sunday so we couldn't really make plans. And they are calling for rain/and who knows maybe some more snow. I am digging out all the stuff to start working on our family genealogy. I was doing it all the time years ago, I really lost interest when my Mama died. Arney is interested in finding his family, and has really spent allot of time searching, he has had some real luck in finding some, I am going to start searching to. We now belong to, and when my eye is a little better the search is on. It got Arney thinking while watching the new show, "Who Do You Think You Are." I recommend it, you will enjoy it. Arney is not on the computer much because he is on them at work, so he doesn't see it in the same way I do. But I am getting a kick out of him, he is reading, writing, and when finding something he is so is very cool! So maybe for awhile I will be sharing things that we find...Let Them Eat Eggs:)

Last Day of March!

It is hard to think this is the last day of March. I feel like I missed so much of it. We have had days with blue skies, but mostly gray with rain, then snow, hail, and the endless wind. I have not done much, couldn't watch TV or be on the computer because my eye was almost swollen shut and the pain was over the top!!! I looked like someone has hit me really hard on the right side of my face. But with good meds, I am almost well. To be honest, everything hurt!!!! I have not been creative a all, it was not a fun time. The one good thing is my Doctor was very happy with my weight loss...gave me a big hug! I will get back in the grove, whatever that means...I have not really thought much about a project yet. I have missed you all and will start looking at all you have done while I was away. Being sick is awful, you miss so much!!!!