Saturday, August 2, 2008

February 9th, 1971 ....6.6 earthquake....Southern California

I was reading Janet's blog when I remembered this. We lived in southern California and I think it was 1971. I had two little boys. I was woke to the shaking and rattling and the sick stomach I get with earth movement under me. Arney was getting ready for work. After I realized we were okay...I thought of our friend Annabelle who lived two doors down. She was a wreck when it came to earthquakes, she even had a shelf full of stuff to rattle so she would know it was a quake. Arney ran to her door and found her holding her to girls and shaking like a leaf...and necked. So he turned his head and told her everything was okay, and could she put something on, he would then take her to our house...and so you never know what you will find during or after a earthquake...
A week later after all the after shocks, a couple we had know since high school moved to Arizona... My first earthquake was in Long Beach California age 7. It flipped my Dad out of bed and my mother was pregnant and had locked the door to the bathroom. Then she was kinda stuck till Dad could help her. It was a slide lock and she was upset and a little confused. I slept right through it. You never forget what you were doing when a earthquake hits....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunflowers on a Monday morning

I just had to share our Sunflowers today....they just make me happy, I hope they will you too. You can see our house in the background. It was so beautiful out this morning. The beans are doing very well too, they are on the fence.

It is so fun to watch them grow. I think they grow during the night because every morning they are bigger. We will use them in the winter to feed the birds. We sit them on table in the yard after Halloween.
Good morning Baxter, he has been in another fight....I was just bragging that he got through spring without a battle...

What a ham he is.....he is using up his nine lives.