Friday, January 11, 2013

Downton Abbey


My first time seeing Downton Abbey was not on PBS, it was Netflix. I knew nothing about the program. I watched it and loved the people and the story, the mansion. I love period movies and this was perfect. I look forward to seeing them all on Sunday evenings.

Do you watch it?

My favorite person is Violet the elder lady.618_uktv_downton_abbey_s02e05_7

If you do watch this? Who is your favorite?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our News here continues to be…Snow


We have another storm coming in tonight, so along with the white stuff we have ice on the roads all night and in the early morning. The snow plow just covered my mailbox again. Today I stayed home and walked for awhile out in the snow. So refreshing, but cold. I took a warm bath and here I am sharing with you.

I haven’t done anything to creative unless you count making chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight. It smells so good, Arney will love it when he comes home from work.

We keep a towel next to the door for Finley, he is so little that he comes in looking like a snowball.

Stay warm, 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

My trip to Old Town

Before my trip yesterday into Wally World……

I was shopping for a chair for my desk upstairs, but did not find one…I did find this French Provincial 60’s/70 dresser.




It has good bones…so I bought it for 40 dollars. It is 381/2 inches tall. A perfect height for the new bedroom.

So I cleaned it, sanded it, did a little repair, took of the pulls and painted it a creamy white.






I thought about changing the Pulls, but they are aged so pretty… they got to stay. I am so fond of glass pulls and knobs, it took me awhile to make the choice.

So this is how I spent my Sunday. Arney is at work so he will come home to  my something old made new again project.

Have a great week…Hugs Mary