Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Just a few photos from this year so far:)

My kids at Huntington Beach. Doug, Summit and Jenny
My brother Bret. And his grandson's
Dolan and Kayla my granddaughter
My son Cory and me 
Kayla and Bella
Happy Birthday Doug
Trevor and Cory
My Birthday
Happy Birthday Halle 5 years old...granddaughterVacation
Vacation 2015
Holly having fun
My little Hippy Halle
What is left of Lake Tahoe...California drought...just to sad. Doug
From our 
Fire to close for comfort.
Lake Lowell about a mile from our house.
Jenny and Niki
Old truck for sale
Thank you fire fighters, God Bless
Summit back to school 2015
Have a great year :)

Monday, August 31, 2015


So many projects waiting for me right now. The list is long which makes it hard to just pick one and go for it.
I thought it would be kind of fun to pull a few pictures from the year and share since this year seems to be flying by. I found this picture of a relative of mine and it made me think of this year. I call this year, "the year of the gun". And looking at this picture from the 1850's gave me pause to think of how it must have been in the Ole West. It would be of interest to know if this man killed anyone with his gun. Did he walk into the local saloon and shot a bunch of people at random? We have a long history of gun fighters and street shootings. I guess if there is a question here, it would be have we learned anything from history. 
All I know about
him is that he lived and died.