Friday, July 18, 2008

Apricot Lane

I started making Jam this summer eve....tomorrow I will continue....I had some hot Jam on vanilla ice cream...yummmmmmmmmmm!
Click on the pictures to see everything up close.
Grandpa and Summit picking just the right ones. Some things in life are more special than words can say....

Yesterday was Apricot picking day. This is our Orchard that we will soon be re-planting. We have no idea how old all the tree's are or were, we had to cut 8 tree's down because they had grown to old. Jenny (my daughter) and Summit picked a lot of this beautiful large fruit. Our birds are enjoying the fruit also. One the ground you had to be careful not to step on the fallen fruit.

Tonight when it cools off some I will be making Jam. Jenny is making sauce out of hers. Summit had so much fun. We had a wonderful day. He could hardly wait to show his Dad.


Carrie J said...

I am jealous that you have apricots! We don't have any fruit trees in our yard. I wish we had planted some years ago. We hope to move in the next 5 years so I'm afraid that we wouldn't get any fruit at this point. Our neighbors have apple and the one behind us have cherries. No on picked them this year so I think next year I may ask if they would mind if I did. Great deal at the yard sale btw.

Jodi said...

Oh ~ I was wondering if you were canning homegrown apricots. What a treat!! I love the pictures with your daughter and Summit up the ladders. They look they are having a lot of fun. :o)