Monday, August 18, 2008

103 degree's

Today I went shopping. I thought it would be cooler in the stores....WRONG! We were all looking for the same thing and it wasn't stuff, everyone seemed to be just a Little cranky. So after cooling of in the fountain I came home and curled up with my air-conditioner. It will be better tomorrow!!!! I should not complain, when winter comes and we are below freezing, I will be sorry I got a bit cranky today.


Janet said...

Wow! I think it will be hotter where you live then here in the high desert! We've actually cooled off a little and expect high 90's today. Stay on friendly terms with that air conditioner!! And keep the lemonade coming!

Crayons said...

Hi Shopgirl,
Still that hot???

Ed, another reader, answered the question about Washington Island.

If you look at the state of Wisconsin, you see the "thumb" that sticks out into Lake Michigan. The island is just off the tip of that point.

Ice water, head in freezer, ice on all the circulation points.

Jodi said...

It's hard to believe it gets that hot up north - yikes! Stay cool.

Beth said...

Our temps are quite cool here this summer, didn't even run the air conditioner this week-end and this is totally not normal for us. Last year we had a heat wave and drought for the whole month of August. It never got under 99 degrees. Strange weather,,stay cool my friend!