Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Chair

My husband Arney is having surgery June 1st on his knee. He has had the knee about 10 years. He has a cyst on the bone, so they will go in and repair and put new bone in. He will be off work up to 12 weeks. He is unhappy that this must be done this time of year. But he is in so much pain. I have never owned a recliner, never wanted one. But I thought it would be good for Arney during this time of healing. I ask him if he wanted one and he said no that he didn't want to spend the money on a new chair. Remember the word "NEW." So I went on craiglist and did a search, most of them looked awful, I thought it was a lost cause when I found a picture of this chair. And the seller lived about 2 miles from me....I sent the owner a note asking about the chair and to see if she still had it....Bingo! So I went to look at it and bought it for 50 dollars. It is soft comfortable leather...You can tell he has been sitting in it. I got it Sunday while he was at work. My son Trevor picked it up for me just before Arney got home. He has taken ownership and has had two naps in it. I love the color of the leather, it is well made, and leather seems to look and feel better with a little age. I thought it was a really good buy...she wanted 60 but I got it for the 50 dollars...TEE HEE!


Beth said...

Wow,,what a bargain! It looks like it is in great condition and I bet it cost alot when it was new! I will be remembering Arny and you when he has his operation!

Lynn said...

This is a wondeful inviting chair. I love curling up in my green leather recliner. I don't do it much, as I'm on my feet more than sitting...but I love it being there for when I want and need it.
As Arny will I am sure appreicate having this for when he needs to stretch out and put his feet up. You got a REAL GOOD DEAL!!!!

I wish him an easy surgery and a speedy recovery!

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Janet said...

You got a good deal! I'm sure Arney will enjoy it. Sorry to hear he has to have surgery and be off work but if it helps ease his pain then it will be all worth it.

The Feathered Nest said...

WOW Mary!!! You go girl! Arney will LOVE having mom has had two knee replacements so I know how that can be ~ I pray that his surgery goes wonderfully and is a great success! Little Noah is a trooper and is getting better each day thank goodness ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Julie said...

You are a good bargain hunter! I hope this helps ease Arney's pain. It's great that it looks good in your house too.