Thursday, April 16, 2009

It is Finished

Last night about 9:00, I finished the last Teddy Bears. There will be about 200 Mothers, Daughters, Grandmothers, and Granddaughters at this gathering. Some of the men from our church will be serving the ladies. It will be fun to decorate the Fellowship Hall for this occasion. This is the 79th Mother~Daughter dinner....this year the theme is Teddy Bear Tea party. The ladies will be wearing hats, and bringing a Bear for the fire department to give to children when they have had a fire burn down their house. Also any money that is made will be used for different projects in our community. It is all good. I couldn't wait to share the things I have made for this event. There will be intertainment, and little girls sing the little Teapot song, that will be so cute. I made charms that will be won, if you get the right Tea Bag.


BzyBee said...

Mary everything looks Bee--You--tea--full!! You are awesome!

Lynn said...

What a labor of love this is.
Everything from your banner to the table dressings are so special. I wish I could be in attendence. I imagine all the ladies from the most young to the eldest will feel like queens! Enjoy.

Tami said...

Beary cute!!!

Have a great day!

Miss Sandy said...

What an awesome labor of love!!! I hope you take photos to show, it sounds like a wonderful and worthy event!

Thank you for visiting. I had never seen a lady like the one I found either. In fact, I left her on the shelf the first time but I kept thinking about her so I went back and she was marked down to $l.50! I brought her home and googled her and found out her history. I am quite attached to her now.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Barb said...

Came to see your paper craft 'cards' an look what i found!!
These are terrific!!

Thanks for sharing such a cute idea.
Barbara Jean

Janet said...

OMG! It just looks gorgeous! You are such an amazing person to do all this. I hope the people who attend appreciate all the work you've done. I wish I could be there to see it all, and to see everyone enjoying your teddy bears.

Wildflower Cabin said...

How adorable!! You did an amazing job making those lil' teddies! :o)

Clare said...

Just stunning

Shopgirl said...

This is to BzyBee, I would love to leave a comment on your blog...let me know when you post. Do come back and see me.
And to all that leave a comment here, Thank you for your time and means so much to me.
Love, mary

Kelli said...

You have been busy! The bears are so darling and I love the teapot tags! So cute!

Betzie said...

Wow Mary!!!! You have been so so busy!!! The bears turned out adorable!!! I hope the tea is a huge success and lots of fun for you too!
I'm only about halfway done my ABC book. Not sure if you had even a second to work on that project with all this to do! LOL

Lavender Dreamer said...

These little bears are precious!