Monday, July 27, 2009

Just a little bit of glitter and from the Birds nest.

Morning stretch...
You may remember the baby Hawks that live in one of our wonderful tree's. Here is a picture of one of them now. We have found out so much about our little tree family. This is a Juvenile Swainson Hawk. The pictures were taken by Lesley from the JPg Magazine. She walks her dog by our farm and saw the nest...went home and came back with the biggest camera I have ever seen.
Our Hawks will be in the magazine. I think our little Hawks are growing up so beautiful. Who would of thought that a Bird would get us into print.

These are not done. But I wanted to share that I used glitter and they look fun. I used glitter on the flowers and on the pink feathers on the Hollywood shoe. I cut the shoes out of a gift bag I got and thought was cute. Names of the shoes were on the bag also so I put the name on each tag also. I will put the hole in the top and string, I am not sure if I will do anything more than that. I wish the photo's were better. I will finish them this evening. I spent the morning with my Grandson Summit. He is such a little love bug...We will have him this week while his parents are at work. A chance to spoil him a little and love him allot. click on photo to see better.

After 6 or 7 trips to the dentist, I am now less a tooth. It all started with a filling, then the tooth started hurting and it had to be refilled. The tooth had never gave me one minute of pain. More pain and back to the Dentist. :( Then it is decided that I have a possible crack in the tooth. Who cracked the tooth??? So lets drill it down and give it a cap and wait for the new crown. Pain, more pain and a couple more trips to the Dentist. $$$$$$$ The dissension is made that the crown may not work. The Temporary is removed and then put back on just in case it was not on properly. Lets give it a few days with the temporary to see if anything changes before we pull it out. After another long weekend, today it was pulled. A very important tooth, of course they are all important...So tonight I am in pain from the pulling of this tooth. Okay, I am a big baby, but I really wanted that tooth!

I don't work on Friday's, so we will

see you on Monday." He says with a

smile." And with all his beautiful teeth...

And my $$$$$$$!


Lynn said...

That hawk photo is stupendous!

Sorry about your tooth.

And love the shoe tags!

Kate said...

Those hawk photos are incredible. Love the tags.



Those hawks are beautiful- what a wonderful thing to have in your trees.
Those tags are too cute! You did a really good job on them.
Mom is doing great- she is going between using a walker and a cane- mostly the cane. I can't believe how well she is doing- the doctors and therapists are impressed on how well everything is going. I am glad that Arney is doing great too! Give him a big hug for me! Love you - Sara

Julie said...

Did I tell you that we have Cooper's Hawks nesting in our neighborhood this year? A neighbor came over with the print of a photo of one on our roof! Sorry about that tooth!

lila said...

I'm glad Julie wrote about her hawks, too!
May your dental work make you feel better...and last for a long time!

Nita Jo said...

I am laughing out loud! I loved that last bit about the dentist and his teeth. I had to have a tooth pulled two years ago and I still want it back!!!

Love the shoes! So cute.

Nita Jo