Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Freedom of Speech and the all Amarican Boy

I had a very nice Saturday on the Football field with family and the joy of watching my Grandson play football. He even got a touch down, "I was screaming!" I got a sunburn! Other than watching Summit's game, was the pleasure of seeing kids helping kids. I saw a boy reach down to pick up someone on the other team. My feeling was that they just wanted to play the game, to win was special, but not more important than being apart of a team. It was a good day.
Summit age 9....number 20

Just a short post about my daughter Jenny. I am very proud of my stand up girl. Today she found out that her son Summit (9 years old)along with his whole school would not be seeing and hearing the President of the United States. That if it were to be seen at school everyone would have to wait till someone decided yes or no in the future. Jenny went and got Summit, brought him home and watched this amazing speech to America's children from the leader of the free world. Enjoyed these moments and then returned Summit to school. Jenny was the only parent in his school that went and got her child. I am sad for this country and this President who
gave this uplifting talk to our kids while parents were calling him names outside the school where he spoke.
Where is the love?????


Bandit's Pack said...

Awesome thing your daughter did!! I would have done the same thing. The haters are so annoying and leaning so far to the right I doubt they can stand upright today.

Lynn said...

It's crazy isn't it that the people on the far right have such loud voices...we need more Jenny's. My husband is a teacher and he said they didn't show the speech either because "there was no room big enough to hold all the kids whose parents didn't want them to hear it!" Insane!! The school would lose money if that many people took their kids out of school for the day. And all he was saying was study hard and do a good job. He was inspiring and encouraging, just what kids need to hear. I'm glad Summit got to hear it. (What a cool name).

Janet said...

I applaud your daughter. I think the world has gone insane! What is wrong with telling kids to stay in school and to set goals for themselves???


I am not surprised that Jenny went and did this it so like her! Summit is lucky to have a Mom like her- she learned a lot from her Mom :P Be proud!

Werna Gail said...

Good for her! You have a right to be proud.She is setting a great example for her son to follow.

Cat said...

Yeah for Summit!

And for you daughter too!

Have a happy weekend!


♥Mimi♥ said...

Your daughter should have a standing ovation along with three cheers. It is a horrible day when a minority can dictate the majority. Give her a kiss on the cheek from me!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I'm so glad to have read this story. So much of the news these days has been disturbing, because of the attitudes towards our elected President.

How on earth will our children ever learn to think for themselves, unless they are exposed to a variety of beliefs and opinions. I admit to being a supporter of our current President, but I would have felt the same about George Bush, a man whose policies I disagreed with. The President was simply trying to encourage children to think that an education is something to be valued.

You've raised a very fine daughter, who in turn will raise a very fine son, capable of making up his own mind, based upon his own beliefs and feelings. Such people usually, in turn, are very respectful of others opinions, even when they disagree with them.