Sunday, October 11, 2009

One of those days....

I woke this morning ready to ride my exercise bike, but I didn't. I was going to finish all my crafts for Bazaar, I didn't. Instead I spent the day cleaning, and spent most of my time in my bathroom. I know you have heard about the tooth brush cleaning....well today was mine. I detailed my bathroom. Every inch is cleaned with bleach which I hate to work with, but it was time. I know this is not a subject we would normally talk about, but when you have a bad back things don't get done when and as often as they should. I took my step stole in there and the rest is history. I told Arney when he got home not to use the bathroom until I had enjoyed it a few more hours. He seemed to understand and laughed.... House or crafting?????? Often I just do the basic stuff and the rest will have to just wait. The holidays will be here before I know it and I am so far behind that I would love to just hide for the next few months...I can blame it on Arney for being home for 4 months, but that is just one more excuse. So what is on the list for tomorrow, the kitchen. It isn't dirty, but it isn't as clean as I want, the places no one sees but me. I need to throw some things away or give them away to make more room for the next stuff I pile in there. It is just a endless job. I got my laundry kind of caught up, but until the remodel is done upstairs, it is where everything I need is. Add to all this the fact that I have moved everything out of my craft room. Arney is building me window seats in this room. I am tired of all the clutter, soooooo he is building this for me with storage. I can put all my crafts inside the window seats. I am going to buy a very pretty fabric and make large cushions and throw pillows. We have a back door family and friends. It will be nice to have this as a place just to stay pretty. This entry room has been many things, I hope this will be what I really want. So where will I do my art and stuff?At the kitchen table where I always find myself anyway. I have one of those tables that has been used for everything anyway. When I lived in a larger home, it was easy, but a small house is complicated. Could getting my house really in shape a art project? Maaaaybeeeee!


Lynn said...

I had to stop reading this I was feeling too guilty. My house is a mess. I do not ever clean with a tooth brush or bleach. I would rather make art and messes than clean. I love the photo. I don't even have a bad back for an excuse. I do use the husband excuse a lot. A friend came over from next door the other day and she was apologizing for her house slippers on her feet. I said I am not apologizing for anything and I let her in my messy house to show her my art. And I mean MESSY.
Now I am going to make art and maybe I'll dump the garbage later.

Beth said...

Ha, this was a great post, Mary! I am going to be doing the same thing next week when I am off on Fall break. But I am only going to clean for 2 of my days off. So I might be working from sun up to sun down. The rest of the week I am going to have some fun. I do the tooth brush and bleach thing too in my bathroom. At least once a year. And I need to wash my windows. They are easy as they are the tilt windows, thank goodness.
I rode my bike on sunday, but thats the last day. Going home today and ride. I am up to 2 miles on it now and it wears me out,,how pitiful is that? lol.
Have a great day, Mary!

♥Mimi♥ said...

Which of these attractive ladies is you? I think I'm the one on the far right smiling - why am I smiling? I think because I don't care about the mess☺

Betzie said...

Boy, can I relate to this Mary...I am so so tired of clutter and yet I can't seem to create at all when things are clean! So what is the lesson there? I need to CLEAN my bathrooms too. This house is just getting too big for me now.
I love the song "Vincent" by the of my all time favorites.
Love the window seat idea!!!!

Julie said...

Ha-ha! Loved that picture of those ladies. That's how I felt after my rummage sale.

Hey, will you come over and clean my baseboards and window trim? They really need it. My carpal tunnel syndrome and scrubbing do not go well together.

Anonymous said...

hi there,
thanks for stopping by my blog today. So nice to meet you. I loved this post and old photograph. Musy admit I am in between tidy and messy. Some days are better than others. Homeschooling my two girls means there are always books, papers and pens around.
I will be back to visit with you!
blessings Sandra in New Zealand (Washday Wanderings)

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh Mary, I could so relate to this post! We've had so much illness in our extended family the last couple of years, that I'm always feeling behind on those sorts of chores. I too was thinking about the upcoming holiday season, and feeling a bit overwhelmed, but then, I thought, "I'll just make sure to do one major thing each day." So far it's working. I'm not stressing so much, and I'm feeling pleasantly surprised at how much I've accomplished. It's a nice feeling, as I really love it when things are clean and organized. Life feels a bit simpler then. We need that simplicity when life is handing us a lot to deal with, I think.