Sunday, March 14, 2010

A wonderful gift and I made a tote today...The One That Got Away is the prompt

Arney came home from work saying, lets go to Costco. I love to go there and on the way he shared that we would be looking at Monitors for my computer....Yikes. I had the box type, it is old, but worked good. Cory my son had given me a Monitor yesterday that was a flat screen, so I was happy. But Arney wanted this big one for me, so this was what I came home with this evening. It is 24 inches, it is amazing.
I had taken out the sewing machine today and made myself a tote, and thought about making some for the girls, I think this turned out good. It is a heavy soft fabric and I really had fun making it. I had this fabric from a yard sale last year...I loved the look and feel of it but really had no idea what it might become.

It was warm sunny with a little breeze, it felt so good. If it is the same tomorrow, I will be in the back yard part of the day. happy Spring! Mary

I continue to be apart of Art journal-ing, and it has been really fun. 1960 & 1963 was a time of many changes. School was all about friends, homework, The next dance, the cars, the hair, Coca Cola, gum, clothes, the Music was apart of everything. Good parents, bad parents, freedom, babysitting, who like who and who loves you? The slang that we loved and our parents hated. And the list goes on!!!!!!! click on page to enlarge:)


Janet said...

Great page! It sure did bring back lots of memories for me!

Lynn said...

Wonderful page. Love all the big hair. Did you draw the Pee Chee? Terrific. love each photo, the cars the memories. you were one of the popular girls. I never had a boyfriend in school, only crushes.
We saw a 1957 Chevy yesterday. Brought back memories for me too.
Great page! Love the music too.

Elizabeth Golden said...

I love your new monitor, what a difference it will make in so many ways. The tote is fab!!!!,and the one that got away, very cool, I love all the photos you included. On a personal note my first husband bought me a 57 Chevy, cherry red, white leather interior and a chrome link steering wheel one summer back in the 80's. It was fully restored or "mint". It was a great summer driving around in it. I felt so cool. So many people would stop and tell me their stories and memories of the car. It would take me forever to get anything done. I did enjoy the honks and waves I got. I finally sold it to a guy who practically followed the car around when I was in town. He had a history of love in it. Your page made me remember that experience and the man who had let his first love get away. Thanks for the memories.

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Just stopping in to say hello and have a blessed week.... Sun is going to shine the next couple days.... AHHH...

Betzie said...

I love my larger monitor too! You will enjoy it for sure!
I just bought a pattern to make a tote...yours turned out so well Mary....and I love that fabric!
Your page is so neat!!! I still remember my first love...I still even dream about him, isn't that strange??? I looked him up on google and he is so successful and still very handsome....sigh. LOL xoxo betzie

Barbara Jean said...

Love your tote!
Was it easy to make? I have some great fabrics.

Love your Sporing banner too.
And, if you make any tea bag roses, please let me know. I would love to show everyone who comes to visit me.


barbara jean


The new monitor is very cool! And I love your page that you made- I loved it when you used to tell us stories from when you were in high school.

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