Sunday, May 30, 2010

Camps remembered

Cascade Lake, Idaho....As the sun went down you would find youth sitting in front of this cross with a camp fire blazing. Stories where told here, short plays were put on here, sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cried when you saw the love they shared, and the gift of knowing God in there life. No matter where these youth are today, they will remember this. And I will forever feel apart of there lives. Our lodge was about a hundred feet from this cross.

Cascade Christian camp in is lovely...Each winter Arney and I would lead a winter camp with the helping hands of so many wonderful friends. A time of fellowship, snowmobiling, snow caves, and our very own winter Olympics on the hill. It was a winter wonderland where our youth came together and shared the beauty of our camp and each other.

I have shared with some of you that I was a Youth Director and counselor for high school youth in our church. Since there is a plan for a big gathering in June, I thought it would be fun to share this with you. I am on the far right with the white tee shirt on...the redhead. My daughter Jenny is on the first row with the long blond hair both arms out to her friends ...she is number 4 from the left. I loved doing camps...for 8 days there was no phone...teaching and learning, games and the word of God, it was excellent!!! Camp food, not so good!!!


Lynn said...

I love my summer camp memories. I went to a Jewish summer camp in Saratoga, CA. for two or three summers as a young teen. And we had a place of gathering for worship in a grove of redwood trees. It smelled so good, was cool in the mornings. Felt sacred and special to me. I will always hold this memory dear to my heart.


That camp ground meant so much to me- my family- extended and close were always a part the experience- that was one of the reasons I had my wedding there. Grandma and Grandpa had painted the welcome sign at the entrance to the camp, Chris refurbished the campfire site for his Eagle project. So many wonderful memories, so many wonderful friends that have touched my life forever. M&M's in the fire, hand painted togas and one of the best- Megan burning a bra. Then after we had all said our tearful goodbyes we would all meet up at Cougar Mountain Lodge for the best Huckleberry milkshakes and see all of our friends that we had just said goodbye to- we were all together again. The talent shows- the rain storms- trees falling on the boys cabin- mail call- and mosquitoes! I remember it all very fondly and I was lucky enough to have Mary for my counselor all but one year. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures- my camp years will always hold an amazing place in heart- I am so glad that you were a part that for me! I love you Mary!

Werna Gail said...

I did not know this about you...I have taught Sunday School not long after getting saved in 1976. Every age group, right now it is the 4th and5th graders, a real challenge at my age. But I love it.
Stop by when you can, I'm going for a new look.