Monday, December 13, 2010

Avery Elle

Avery #1 001

Avery takes Tea 001

This is my granddaughter Avery. She is a bundle of love and energy. This picture is so her. She loves Tea parties.


Susan deGeneres said...

Hi Mary,

Your granddaughter is a little doll. Our grand kids are in Arizona and we don't get to see them often. I really miss having little ones around, especially at Christmas.


Lynn said...

How precious. Enjoy her to the hilt. Know that you do. Love grandchildren!!!!

Mary re the hat. You may have the one in the picture that I am wearing for $10. Any others: if I use yarn I already have $10; if I have to go buy more yarn "$15. Add $2.50 for postage.

Janet said...

Avery is a little cutie! All my grand kids are teenagers or older. I missed a lot of their younger years. Enjoy yours while you can.

Lynn said...

Mary please send me your home address so I can mail your hat. Send it to my email here:
And give me your email address so I can send you my home address too.

So glad you want it. Does it have to be there before Christmas? the lines at the post office are formidable. LOL Let me know...I'll stand in line if it is to be a gift.

Sweet Old Vintage said...

What sweet pictures... I love the one of the tea party....Thinking of you this holiday season and hope it will be a peaceful one... As we look forward to another year I hope it will be blessed with the things that really matter...