Sunday, December 26, 2010

A little HO HO HO

DSCN0966 This is DSCN0937our Foodie Tree….candy inside of tree!   


Cory with Bronco Santa Hat…He is Santa for the giving of the gifts…HO! Our second son.

100_4643Avery on the right (Cory & Kristie’s)4th child and our friend Annika.




CJ and Treyton….Cory & Kristie’s 1s and 2nd children.

100_4652Kristie holding Our new granddaughter Halle. Alexis is #4.




 Newly wed…Kayla my oldest granddaughter (Trevor & Terri’s daughter) and husband Dolan. Baby coming in 2011.


Uncle Trevor with his new little niece Halle. Our oldest son. Trevor’s wife Terri


 Halle taking care of Grandma

100_4647  100_4648

Jenny (our daughter)with Summit) Husband Doug.

100_4690 100_4668

Aunt Jenny and Halle


Carol and Randy came to be with us all for Christmas.

They are parents to Doug and 100_4673 Clay. Grandkids…Summit, Kylee, Shavannah, Camille,  Annika. And Max, wife of Clay and Mother of the 100_46794 girls. 







Thank you one and all for a very Merry Christmas100_4695

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Lynn said...

What a beautiful family glad you had this joy on Christmas together.