Wednesday, February 9, 2011



I am the consoler on the far right with the red hair and white T-shirt. For many years I would come to our church camp on Cascade Lake. For 8 days I would enjoy the company of high school youth from all around our region. I would have the responsibility of a selected group of girls picked at random, And co- teach the boys with a male consoler. It was a wonderful part of my summer. I thought it would be fun to share a few stories of my camp days.To be continued……….I was in my late 30’s when I started doing camps as a consoler.

It was not my idea to be a camp consoler,our Minister said that I had a way with the youth and wanted me to think about it. I was teaching Jr. High kids at church and really enjoyed them. I had a lot of background growing up with and around my grandmother.

I was so nerves about doing the camp. Kids that I would not know and worse yet that they would not know me. The girls were easy, but the boys were not. On my third day after a few tears…feeling that I was just not the right person for the boys..I went up to the dorm and wrote each one a note.

And at the end of the note, I ask if they needed any clothes washed. The morning came and they got their mail and read my notes. As the morning was coming to a end, I see coming down the hill about 6 boys with arms filled with pants, shirts, socks. As I washed the clothes in the old wringer washer in the kitchen, the boys and I became friends, they even helped me hang their clothes. I learned in those moments that it is personal, they just needed a reason. I believe that God lead me to doing some mighty dirty clothes…No more tears:)


Lynn said...

what a funny thing for a teen to volunteer to do...wash boys clothes! I'd say you were preparing to be a good wife! LOL
And I am sure you were an excellent counselor!


You are one of the people that made camp so special for me every year! I remember this year when Jenny graduated- I am actually standing behind her to the right.
I have so many fond memories that actually started with you being my Sunday School teacher when I was in Junior High- back when Megan and I first met- won't mention years- we all know ;)
For all of the struggles that I had in High School, I always knew My Mary would be there for me- day or night. For those of you that are just getting lucky enough to meet Mary now- know that you are blessed by having her for a friend- I know that I am. Thank you for all the love and support and many wonderful camp memories- I cherish them all!

Jullie said...

Did you ever get anything caught in a wringer?or ruined a couple of shirts?

Shopgirl said...

Julle, Yes I have. We grew up with the wringer machines and I caught my hand in my Grandmothers. I thought it had crushed every bone, but it was okay... painful for a week. And yes, clothes can be distroyed in these old machines. Thank you for coming to visit.

Mary Bee said...

What a sweet story Mary. I look forward to more.