Saturday, July 23, 2011

I am Home….Memories of a very special time.

285368_243420399016263_100000449132373_874986_6007698_n Annabelle 3 weeks old 001

Annabelle #3 001 Annabelle #2 001 DSCN1320 DSCN1337

I had the most wonderful time. I am so proud of my Kayla, she is so sweet with little Annabelle. Little Annabelle is so amazing…of course don’t all Grandma’s say this about their Grandbabies. She loves to be kissed and kisses back, it is adorable. I hated to leave, We were together

only a few days, but the memories of having my girls all to myself will last a life time.

Thank you Grandpa Arney for missing me and letting me share this time with the girls.

Thank you Cory (my son) for the gift of flying me to be with Kayla on our Birthday and being with our new little baby girl.

And to Kayla for her love. I had a cozy loving, laughing,sharing magical time. PJ’s and long talks, Life is good.

And to my blogging friends who wished me to have a wonderful time. You are the best:)


Kathy said...

oh I am so happy for you, and your family. This is a very special time for you, I can hear it in your words, enjoy! Every minute...

That baby girl is simply precious...Blessings to you and your wonderful family. xo

Lynn said...

That baby is quite the fashion plate! But the BEST photo is the Love pouring out of you for her and she for you while you hold her in your loving arms Grandma!

So happy you were given this time together. So happy for you.

Janet said...

Welcome back! I can see from the pictures that you had a good trip. I love the one of you and Annabelle together. This is one birthday you won't soon forget!!

Kate said...

Welcome back, thanks for all the wonderful comments you leave on my blog.


Mary Bee said...

That top picture is scary, Bella is laying on something with a "WARNING" label on it. Yikes.

I'm so happy for you Mary. This was such a wonderful time for you. A treasured memory for sure. And when they get back to Idaho it will be wonderful too.

romance-of-roses said...

Mary, I just found your blog and fully understand grandma feelings. I too am a grandma. Annabelle is a precious little beautiful doll. Enjoy.
I will be following you.
Hugs and congratulations...Lu

Sweet Old Vintage said...

One of lives greatest blessings... So very beautiful this sweet little gift... Congrats to all.....

Lynn said...

I want to leave this comment for the next post up about We didn't have Green then...but my computer won't let me so here I am.

I wish I could copy that and send it to my kids. What a treasure and oh how true and I bet you and I could add even more to was so simple then wasn't it? And I don't remember it being all that hard to get to change the channel on the TV. I loved going to bed listening to "The Shadow Knows" on my little red plastic radio; playing 45s on my small victrola...;-) I could go on and on...can't you?