Tuesday, August 2, 2011

“Happy Birthday” Halle:)


This is my son Cory…father of Halle.2011-07-30_17-21-15_116

Halle’s Mom Kristie made the cutest cake. Each part of the the cake was a different flavor…it was yummiest!2011-07-30_17-37-45_538 I was so thrilled that I had got Halle her first baby doll. Alexis and Avery are so excited about their baby sisters 1st Birthday.2011-07-30_17-40-14_643

She is so adorable in her Birthday dress. Yep, I was back in the baby clothes…TEE-HEE:) 2011-07-30_17-41-18_393  Happy Birthday little Halle, Grandma and grandpa loves you:)


The Feathered Nest said...

These are the precious times of our lives sweet Mary, aren't they? Each minute is so wonderful seeing these angels grow!!! Happy first birthday sweet Halle!!!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Mary Bee said...

What an adorable presentation. She looks so sweet. That lil dress she is wearing is so grown up. Couple minutes and Bella will be a year old too. Life moves so fast.

Congratulations on such a wonderful extended family Mary Ellen. WOW!