Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finley “Finn”

 DSCN1585 Finley loves wearing his little shirts. Loves to hear me say that he is pretty. But Finn is all boy. He loves being out in the back yard rolling in the grass. Chasing Baxter our cat and brings in leaves, rocks and anything he thinks is fun. He loves to play in the rain and I am sure snow will be loads of fun.Finn turned 6 months old the first of this month, boy time goes by so fast. Wed he is getting his first hair cut. I want to keep him in a puppy cut, easier to take care of.DSCN1659100_4852

Sunny afternoon on the back yard bench.LB and Finn.



Finn gets his first haircut tomorrow afternoon…he has bed head.

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Janet said...

Finn is just too cute for words! If he gets out in the snow you might lose him!!