Saturday, December 3, 2011

Annabelle’s has her day with the Turkey’s

374920_307728679252101_100000449132373_1106921_1379909393_n Where’s the Turkey Mom!!!!383830_307727949252174_100000449132373_1106913_610661217_n

They made me where this, I don’t see a turkey on Mom & Dad’s chest!!!391115_307727589252210_100000449132373_1106909_1754169207_n

Happy Thanksgiving, Now we will see what Mom does for Christmas? Oh no, not a reindeer on my chest!


Lynn said...

But oh so cute!!!!

Janet said...

Annabelle would look cute no matter what she's wearing!

Mary Bee said...

It totally amazes me how fast she is growing. I mean she was just born minutes ago it seems.