Saturday, January 14, 2012

I am sure we all got through Friday the 13th????


Reflection on the day…..It is finally over…One Life to Live is now history. And it ended on Friday the 13th…hummmm!

So now I am soap Free…no more people dyeing and then being brought back…no more sisters loving the same man. No more comma’s and DNA gone wrong. No more babies with the wrong fathers. No more love making with the wrong person. I am crushed, how will I make it through the day without knowing what happened to these strange, unhappy killers and liars. One hour a day (unless I DVR’d it for night time)will be, oh no! What shall I do?

You only have ONE Life To LIVE!!!!!


Janet said...

I never got into the soaps with the exception of Dark Shadows which was many years ago! My daughter watched Luke and Laura when she was a kid but I always seemed to have other stuff to do and seldom watched TV during the day. I know many people who were really hooked though and I'm sure this will be a big adjustment for them.

Mary Bee said...

Mary you are obviously an addict. Cute post though. Sorry to say it but now you have to go out and get a life. I remember giving mine up, but it was still running. It was really hard.

Lynn said...

There are always re runs! LOL
Sorry your Last Life to Live gave up the ghost! I never followed soaps. What's wrong with ME? LOL

A Magical Whimsy said...

Oh! Thank you for stopping by to follow my blog! And I absolutely ADORE you blog banner...I love whimsical artwork.
Have a lovely week!
Smiles ;)
Teresa in California