Saturday, February 25, 2012

Academy Award time again…..

  I will be waiting to see what Janet comes up with for the big night…..I am coming alone…I plan to party hard..:) I went shopping yesterday, I just kept thinking red…so here is what I will be wearing in Hollywood….via: Idaho.41367  41yut9t5b-L__SL500_AA300_imagesCALDE0H9

 BP3013E-bridesmaid-jewelry-red-crystal-flower-earringBP3013N-bridesmaid-jewelry-red-crystal-flower-necklaceIn my purse will be lip gloss, a set of keys,my license, a small comb, and breath mints. Oh yes, a safety pen just in case, and a very small camera.

See ya there!!!!


Janet said...

I'll be looking for you! And you shouldn't be hard to spot in that gorgeous red dress!! I love the shoes and purse. Good idea about going alone. That way you can flirt with all the handsome guys. See you there. I've got my post ready for tomorrow morning.

Lynn said...

You will be smashing in your gorgeous red dress and high heels. I hear your mother in your head reminding you to take a safety pin. LOL
Have a wonderful time and be a "good girl". ;-)