Thursday, February 2, 2012


Laneal 001 I have been making cards this year, but forget to post them here. This is a late card for my friend, the card is late so I put happy everyday.I have not been very creative this past year. A crafting block, you might say. I belong to a group of wonderful ladies that meet on Fridays for lunch. It is a blessing to be apart of their lives. I have been absent a lot.

I have things that I have started and can’t seem to finish….I hope for improvement.

Have a arty day!!!


Lynn said...

Your card is delightful. Looks like me as a child with my girlfriends from across the street.

Betzie said...

Sweet card Mary! Nice you have a group of friends like that!
I have a zillion projects around here that need finishing...sigh. Thanks for visiting me!

Queen Bee's Musings said...

Love your card and I have the same problem this year..Blessings to you.

Lynn Stevens said...

What a darling card. I hope you find your creative muse and share more with us
hugs Lynn