Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In Dream’s…….

il_fullxfull_11810363 I dream stories…

In my dream last night I was getting ready for church in my new dress. I was real thin…which lets you know that it was a dream. Arney and I are now at our Church and we are visiting with friends. Everyone was telling me how good I looked, and they loved my big blue purse. I am feeling real good……..I go into the bathroom and there is a lady cleaning. All of a sudden I am covered with poop she was cleaning off the floor. I am trying, fighting to get the poop of my new skinny dress and it felt impossible. I walk out of the bathroom to find my friend in a sweatshirt and pants….she would never where sweatpants to church…she explained that the same thing had happened to her and she had these clothes in her car. She tells me that I am fine. But I am struggling as I am frustrated, I look for Arney, and everyone along the way is telling me how pretty I look and I continue to try and get poop of my dress. I find the front door and walk out to see Arney with a group of our friends….I want to go home. When all of a sudden I drop my blue purse and a truck runs over it. It is filled with all my stuff and I am screaming, my new purse…..I wake up!

Do you have crazy dreams? The only good thing in this dream is that I was skinny and I looked good!!!!!!


Ruth Kelly said...

Your dream was part wonderful and part nightmare. I have those - they start out great and then something happens and it turns to a nightmare.

Lynn said...

What a poopy dream! Wonder what you feel poopy about? Your weight perhaps? I know it's a constant struggle for me and I sometimes feel poopy about not being able to maintain what I think is a good healthy thinner than I am weight.

YES, I have very bizarre dreams often!