Saturday, March 17, 2012

A touch of Blarney

1014230p1wr2h9hqr John Lynn lived in this castle in Diagonal Ireland…..this is part of our family line.John Lynn...Donagal Castle

We are so Irish! Neely’s, O”Flynn, Lynn, Davis, Durbin, and the list goes on. I really love finding the history of our family. They came to this country under bad times and helped to build a nation. I have red hair and brown eyes….no need to wear the green.


Ruth Kelly said...

I'm not sure where Diagonal is in Ireland but it is way cool to have a castle. My one Irish line is Meguire and there is a Maguire Castle in Ennis Killen but not sure that my line extends to them - can't get my tree back far enough to know. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you.

Lynn said...

A day late but top o the mornin to ya dear friend. Hugs on St. Paddy's day!