Sunday, April 22, 2012

American Bandstand 1958


My Mother over the years said Dick Clark never looked older. So much has been said about Dick, but I thought he was really cute. I would rush home from school to watch American Bandstand. At age 13 this was the “Most!”

My Mother was 31 and would watch it with me, Mama with her coffee and me with pink cool-aid. My little sister Sharon would dance to bandstand, she was 5. It was fun to see your favorite singers and watch the kids dance. I think a lot of us learn to dance watching Bandstand. We had favorite couples, and there was the clothes….we all wanted to be on Bandstand. Dick Clark gave us so many things over the years…but for me it was music, it was a sweet time to be young, At school we would talk about the show…who was cute, who looked like they were in love, and did you see what that couple was doing…I bet her Mom saw that…it was like Coca Cola and chewing gum, and how many petty coats you could fit under your skirt…it was fun.

Thanks Dick for all the COOL!!!!!



Journeyin' Lady... said...

Enjoyed your blog about Dick Clark. I too grew up watching American Bandstand and thought Dick Clark was great.

Betzie said...

Fun read as always Mary! He sure was a legend! He did always look good too.
I love your header and new look!
xo Betzie

Ruth Kelly said...

American Bandstand was also my favorite. Good good memories.

Lynn said...

Thanks for the memories. I graduated high school in 1959...we used to run home after school but over to Joann's house across the street, as she was the only one on the block who owned a TV. LOL Oh those were the days. First Mickey Mouse club then American Bandstand!
Don't forget The Last of the Mohiggans. I always wondered why we never saw it from the beginning.
Howdy Doody?! Hugs, Lynn Thanks for the memories.