Sunday, June 10, 2012

Life with us….





Trevor and his Dad working together….less weeds.  The planter used to be the old well. I have planted flowers in it, we will see what comes up.


Alexis..CJ and his Friend. Graduation evening.


Thank You bags filled with Candy and Cookies for Annabelle’s first Birthday…over 50 people came.  DSCN2376

This is our entertainment center. I have taken everything out of it. We are getting a very large flat screen TV and we looked for a new stand but everything is expensive or something we do not like. So we put our heads together and with Arney’s talent with wood. The next time you see this it will be ready for a new TV. It is all wood, so it is worth saving if we can. You might call it recycling at it best or worst?????


Cat said...

Your planters look great - looks like the guys have been working hard. You'll have to post pics of flowers in another month!
Congrats on getting a BIG flat screen!
My mom took a saw to their old entertainment center and reduced the size in half! Her's didn't have the glass cupboards though... I'm sure yours will look like brand new special when Arney is done!

Ruth Kelly said...

You changed your header - I almost thought I had the wrong one. Nice job - I get one done and it stays forever.