Saturday, September 29, 2012

I made Bracelets


DSCN2611 I was determined to make something. So I dug out the beads and a few charms I had stashed away and made 14 bracelets. I used the stretch silicone so they will go on easy. I had a good time making them, even the few times I dropped beads and they scattered everywhere. Finley thought it was a great game. I will take them to Bazaar.


The doors are on the closet, still have to do the trim and my antique knobs. I have collected glass knobs for many years with only the hope that one day they would find a place in our home. So when we moved into this cottage Farmhouse, one by one they have found a home. The doors were here in the peach room, so they are recycled.

Just for fun…..what do you think this is???

DSCN2600 DSCN2604


Susie said...

Love all those braclets. More and more I like the stretchy pull on kinds. LOL. I think that's a pile of stffings torn from something the dog got a hold of. it? Smiles, Susie

Ruth Kelly said...

You got more bracelets than I do and I have a shop where I sell jewelry. My secret is I love earrings and that is where I spend my energy - creating new ones, then I might make a bracelet to go with it.

I haven't the foggiest idea what the black and white fur stuff is.

Lynn Cohen said...

I love your new banner!
Can't have too many bracelets. Bet they all sell!
Making a stuffed animal?
Happy you find homes for your funky door knobs!