Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Saturday is Bazaar Day!!!


DSCN2712 Arney made the stand for the bracelets. I thought it turned out nice.It will be fun to know how many sell.


DSCN2694 The walls are textured, now to put on the window trims, baseboards and paint. That sounds so easy, but there has been nothing easy about doing this large room. All are trees are turning…it is cold.Pumpkins everywhere, with loads of yard Halloween art.Snow on the mountains…everyone is talking about skiing. And all I can think of is getting my new bed upstairs with all my new bedding.You may have wondered, where are we sleeping right now? Well Sweet friends we are on the sectional in the living room….

When we started the remodel it was hot:)


Susie said...

You certainly have my sympathy...I had sleep on a cot at my daughter's while she had chemo/radiation last year. To help her darn near killed me. I just spent a night there last week painting g.daughter's room. I brought the cot home and said I would never sleep on it again ..I'll sleep on the sofa. More cushion.LOL. Old bones need rest. Smiles, Susie

Janet said...

I hope you sell every one of the bracelets! The stand looks great.

Sleeping on the sectional can't be comfortable. I hope you get to move into your new bedroom soon.

Ruth Kelly said...

Good luck at the bazaar!

Lynn Cohen said...

Oh I bet those bracelets sell like hot cakes!

The good news is the room is progressing.

Bravo. To the builders!