Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween with the Nell’s

Yesterday was really nice. My daughter Jenny and I spent the day together. First we went to Joann’s for fabric for her antique dinning chair seats that they bought recently. So we bought fabric, so many choices, Oh MY! Went to lunch at Smash Burger..yes, I went off my diet for a day, it was so good.:(smashisbetter My first fried pickles…Yummmmm!

Then we came back to Jenny’s and while she was carving Pumpkins, I covered the seats of the 4 chairs.DSCN2722 DSCN2719

Went to pick up Finley from the groomers.DSCN2723

Watched Summit and friends getting ready for the night of candy searching in the neighborhood.DSCN2725  DSCN2726

Then Doug took me to see all the pickets he has, and I pick out what I wanted for my soon to be headboard, and he will deliver them to me. I can hardly wait.

Then I came home! It was a very good day.

Then later watched a scary movie… 



Lynn Cohen said...

I like the choice of fabric for the old chairs! Good job, mom!
Glad you had such a good day!
We ate a lot of hamburgers on our trip, but balanced them with salad meals too and we both lost weight!
I'd just skip the scary movie, thanks!

Ruth Kelly said...

The fabric is wonderful for those chairs. I have never heard of smash burgers - must not be any in Utah!
Sounds like a great time.

Janet said...

I've never heard of Smash Burgers and I've never had fried pickles so you're way ahead of me! Sounds like you had a fun day.

The chair looks beautiful. You did a great job.