Wednesday, January 4, 2012



Have you ever opened a box that you have stored and do not remember what you put in it. I have been opening boxes these last few months. I admit to being a pack rat. I always think that I will use it later, or the kids will want it. And the truth is it just takes up room and is really of no use. Although I started this project in 2011, it has drifted into a new year. I found all the love letters my husband wrote me when we were kids in love. I plan to read them over this year…maybe I will share one in Blogland. So as I go through boxes one by one finding trash and treasures it takes me into the world of memories…not a bad adventure to take. Sometimes you find a special journey waiting in a box…..:) 


Lynn said...

I hope you keep those letters! They are too precious to part with I am sure!!! Turn them into an art piece perhaps!

Kathy said...

Hi Shopgirl...
Happy New Year and thanks for dropping by and commenting on my it led me back to you!
Enjoyed your blog and woud love to "follow" you.
I'm in the middle of unpacking boxes as well and should last quite a while as I just recently married and the merging of two households is HUGE work!
Nice to get to know you a bit,
Hugs, Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Janet said...

Keep those letters! I have letters that my dad wrote to my mom before they were married. The only problem is they're fading because he wrote them in pencil.

Have fun going down memory lane!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Mary, It happens to me frequently that I open a box not knowing what I had stored in there. It's fun to find things I had forgotten I ever had them, LOL.

Happy New Year to you!


Beth said...

Hi Mary,

I know it's been awhile but just wanted to pop in and say "Happy New Year". Love your beautiful new Granddaughter. I am having my first one in April and so excited about it. It is a girl too. I am into making bows and headbands now so you know that little sweetie will have one for every outfit. I am back to blogging again so please pop over.