Monday, October 7, 2013

How do I know that it is Fall?

Of course the air is still cool when the temp is warm. Cold nights make for a really good sleep. The smell of wood burning. It has snowed in the mountains and rained here in the valley. Looking at and buying school supplies. The end of Baseball and the start of Football ( Go Bronco’s, Boise State) Seeing the Blue turf at the game. Getting ready for Church Bazaar, Putting on my long pants and putting away the lawn furniture. Really blue sky and seeing the leaves fall from our big tree’s. Gosh, there are so many signs of Fall. Candy is cheaper for Halloween… Tags plus 017

Welcome to the back field of the Evans farm…. This picture was taken while I was visiting Arney cutting down some trees that were growing to close to the fence. Arney Decided he needed to refill his coffee mug so we headed back to the house…………………wasp-0071 I stepped on a Wasp nest about half way back to the house. If someone would have been here with a camera, they would have got pictures of two crazy People. I got 8 bites and Arney got so many we could not count them. It was very painful for almost a week. It is Fall.

You really know it is fall when you are knitting and a fly gets between your eye Ball and your glasses….imagesCAVICR04

Happy Fall to all my sweet friends here in Blog land.


Lynn Cohen said...

I was enjoying this post, your writing about Fall and how you know it's arrived up until you stepped on the wasp nest! OHMIGOD I cannot even imagine how painful this must have been for the two of you. I hope you are okay and not allergic and the bumps are healing and you are not in pain! OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
I'd be screaming still from fright.

Hugs Mary and Arney.

Janet said...

It was all sounding so good until the part about the wasps! Yikes! Are you okay? I've only had one or two wasp/bee stings and that was when I was a kid but I still remember them.

I hope you can enjoy your beautiful fall weather. It's starting to cool off here, too...only in the 80's.

NanaDiana said...

Oh My Gosh- That is awful about stepping on that wasp nest. I think those are the worst stings of any of the bees. I can't imagine how painful that must have been. xo Diana