Friday, January 11, 2013

Downton Abbey


My first time seeing Downton Abbey was not on PBS, it was Netflix. I knew nothing about the program. I watched it and loved the people and the story, the mansion. I love period movies and this was perfect. I look forward to seeing them all on Sunday evenings.

Do you watch it?

My favorite person is Violet the elder lady.618_uktv_downton_abbey_s02e05_7

If you do watch this? Who is your favorite?


Ruth Kelly said...

It is one of my very favorite shows. I enjoy the people, the Abbey, the costumes - just everything. Lady Mary and the cook are my two favorites.

Susie said...

Shopgirl, I have never watched this program...but it's the type I really like. I like Maggie Smith, she's a good actress. I do love all show or movies that have an English theme. Have a nice weekend.xo,Susie

Janet said...

To say I love this program is an understatement! It's fantastic. One of my favorites is John Bates and I also like Violet Crawley.

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I love the show. I love everyone on there- I think the cook is quite hysterical and I like Mary and Violet, too. I think Shirley McClain was quite a good addition...and of course, I love Bates. xo Diana

A Magical Whimsy said...

Love these actresses costumes. Wish we still dressed like elegant.
Ah...Violet...she was Professor McGonegal in the Harry Potter movies. Excellent actress.
Thanks for posting this about the series. I'll be sure and watch it.
Teresa in California