Monday, June 17, 2013

In my back Yard

My favorite flower is Larkspur. And for along time I had a little patch of them. The wind blew a lot this last winter and seed went everywhere. So this is my Larkspur now. They are in every garden bed. Just a few more days and Summer will be here. I have planted some wild flowers and herbs…looking forward to seeing them in full bloom. Arney planted his garden, so we will have our salsa garden too. I hope you are enjoying a spring filled with beautiful color. Hugs, Mary

flowers in my yard 003 flowers in my yard 004 flowers in my yard 005 flowers in my yard 006


Ruth Kelly said...

They are lovely.

NanaDiana said...

Still traveling but wanted to pop in and say Hi! That larkspur is just beautiful- xo Diana

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Your larkspur are so beautiful. I would welcome them in any of my beds. I have great childhood memories of a bed of Larkspur. I hope to get them started in my gardens now that I'm actually out there trying to clean them up.